Cirrus Vision
Hi, and thanks for stopping by the Cirrus website, we hope you will find it useful, informative and maybe even fun!

Cirrus Kites has been created through a love of power kiting and a history of kite industry supply. Our parent company has infact been selling kites for over 100 years and has a firm establishment in the kite market (for more information check out

Our vision is simple, we want to provide the kite flyer with the best value, best quality and best designed power and traction kites available.

We launched our products at the beginning of 2007 and with great support from our dealer network, (for more information see Dealers) we have made great progress into the market (big thanks to all our dealers for their continued support!!)

So what happens next? Well thats actually down to you and all our other customers! We have already recieved loads of feedback from our customers and ALL your thoughts, suggestions and requests will be considered for future development. So if you have got any feedback you would like to, please feel free to contact us at

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